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joanne lozar glenn  

About the Author of Mentor Me

Joanne Lozar Glenn, an independent writer, editor, and educator, develops educational programs and materials for associations and other businesses.

The author of Mentor Me: A Guide to Being Your Own Best Advocate in the Workplace and coauthor of 25+1: Communications Strategies for Business Education, Joanne has also written more than 100 articles, brochures, and teaching guides. Her writing has won awards, most recently an Apex Grand Award—Writing (2006) for the article, “No Plain, No Gain: The Importance of Plain Writing in Business.” In 2005, she won a Bronze award for the column “Mentoring from the Inside Out” from the Society for National Association Publications (2005) and speaks on this topic to professional organizations.

A former junior high teacher, Joanne has also worked as a manager of education programs, editor of a trade association magazine, and editorial consultant for textbooks. While employed by an international healthcare association, she was both inspired by the talent of one of her employees and discouraged by the lack of promotional opportunities available to this employee. So she developed an “under the radar” covert mentoring program to help the employee gain basic managerial experience. The insights developed during that time became the foundation for a course called “Be Your Own Mentor,” on which her book, Mentor Me, is based.

Joanne regularly designs and delivers workshops on Mentor Me principles, and on business writing and adult learning, to community colleges, university-based continuing education programs, and other professional organizations. She is an active member of Women in Technology and the International Women’s Writing Guild.

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