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No doubt you teach your students the importance of having strong employability skills and the value a mentor can bring to their career. But have you encouraged them to find the mentor within?

Discovering one's inner mentor is increasingly important in today's workplace, because in many companies, middle management (whose members often served as informal mentors for "young" or "new" professionals) has disappeared. Organizations have "flattened" their hierarchies, laid off their managers, or assigned managers to take up the slack that occurs when other positions that have been eliminated remain unfilled.

"New" professionals-those of your students who are ready to transition into a first or "next" career-can use Mentor Me: A Guide to Being Your Own Best Advocate in the Workplace to shorten the learning curve involved in trying to address two of the most challenging action items in any new job or career:

•  how to perform their job exceptionally well, and

•  how to make that job a stepping stone to future career opportunities.

Using real-life examples, the book shows new employees how to mentor themselves by learning to align goals and priorities and to act instead of waiting for permission. And in keeping with current trends of finding "mentors of the moment," readers also learn to recognize when they need expertise beyond their own experience, and where and how to find that help.

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Making this book available to your students allows you to give them a critical skills set: that of being their own mentor. Available in individual copies, or as a set (volume discount).


This book contains a lot of wisdom and professional insights. A good guide for the neophyte.- Wayne Braunstein, General Manager, Racal Datacom Government Systems, Inc., and Business and Information Technology Teacher, Sherando High School, Stephens City, VA