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New Professionals

As a new professional, you strive to succeed at your job, make a real contribution, and use your accomplishments as stepping-stones to a fulfilling career. The learning curve is steep, and the first days, weeks, months, can be overwhelming. Your boss expects you to "be resourceful." Yet there may be few, if any, resources in place. No orientations, no handbook of unwritten rules, no one to show you the ropes.

The good news is that you can now stop wondering how things might be different if only you had a mentor. You are your own best mentor. And now there's a tool to help you tap the "mentor within." That book is Mentor Me: A Guide to Being Your Own Best Advocate in the Workplace.

Mentor Me shows you how to mentor yourself by analyzing the skills mentors exhibit and then learning how to apply these skills to yourself. Get a sneak preview of the book here.

The respect implied by your constant recognition that some of us are introverts and must approach solutions from a different direction really comes through. . . . To a large extent we create our own reality. So why not create one that honors our own gifts and allows room for abundance in our work lives? - Kitty Wooley, Management and Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Education