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Need a Speaker?

Mentor Me author Joanne Lozar Glenn is available to present workshops on Mentor Me principles and other professional development topics, such as business writing or adult learning. All programs are interactive and customized to your audience and your objectives.

Most Requested Topics:

Mentoring from the Inside Out
(30 to 45 minutes)

You can be the mentor you always wanted to have. In this program, learn to tap the mentor within by embracing your own greatness. Instead of letting resistance con you into saying "I can't," learn to ask "What's next?" and run with it—using five guiding principles and a 10-step action plan for being your own mentor in the workplace.

Being Your Own Best Advocate in the Workplace—for Women Only
(75 to 90 minutes)

If your audience is “women only,” consider expanding the basic “Mentoring from the Inside Out” session to include one of the key action steps for being your own best advocate in the workplace: self-promotion.

Why? A growing amount of research shows that female executives outperform men in nearly every workplace competency yet lack the "executive presence" that allows them to promote themselves with finesse and forge bonds with senior executives.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss key principles for mentoring yourself effectively in the workplace. We’ll also discuss developing your own self-promotion plan, including:

  • Whether self-promotion is a gender issue, and how language use influences how someone perceives your capabilities.
  • How to promote your performance and your potential. (As Will Rogers said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you done it.”)
  • How "showcasing" your work can help you toot your own horn and make beautiful music.

How to Get What You Want from Performance Reviews
(60–90 minutes)

Your boss tells you it’s that time again—your work is up for review. You mark the appointment on your calendar. You try to gauge how your supervisor will rate you, but it’s only a guess. The day arrives. You try to work but you’re somewhat nervous and therefore distracted. If you’re lucky you have the review at the appointed time and place. If an unexpected event occurs, your review may be postponed, leaving you more time to worry and wonder how it will turn out.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can call on your inner mentor to guide and coach you through a review, and you can be proactive rather than reactive about it.

In this workshop you’ll learn

  • 6 keys to setting the stage for a good performance review,
  • 20 things to do before and after your review,
  • 3 issues you must address to negotiate the raise you want,
  • 12 ideas for negotiating “perks” when your salary can’t be what you want, and
  • 6 ways you can increase the likelihood that you’ll be promoted.

Audiences and Benefits
Many organizations, such as those listed below, have already enjoyed hearing Joanne’s fresh take on the traditional and popular topic of mentoring:

  • Professional organizations have found that providing access to this topic and related resources shows their members that they care about and support their professional and personal development.
  • Businesses—especially those that lack formal mentoring programs—have found an interesting, cost-effective way to demonstrate that the organization realizes the importance of mentoring and is providing a resource that members or employees can use to help them advance their careers.

Partial List of Clients

40 Plus of Greater Washington
CLCP Women’s Technology Partnership Council
Computer Learning Centers Partnership
Dept. of Education Federal Student Aid Focus Group
International Women’s Writing Guild
Meeting Professionals International, Rochester Chapter
National Active and Retired Federal Employees
National Business Education Association Annual Convention
National Credit Union, Alexandria, VA
Rolls-Royce Women’s Leadership Conference
The Women’s Center, Vienna, VA
The Women’s Center 20th Annual Leadership Conference: Your Success Portfolio
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA
University of Dayton Alumni, Washington DC Chapter
Virginia Business Education Summer Conference
Women in Technology, Advocacy Committee
Young Government Leaders

Your presentation on the topic of self-mentoring was engaging, inspiring, and most pertinent. The interactive presentation style added greatly to the effectiveness of this message. It was wonderful to see how you succeeded in truly engaging everyone throughout the program.

—J. van Harssel, Ed.D.
VP, Educational Programming
Western New York Chapter of MPI

Joanne, thank you for a wonderful session. I really appreciate the time that you spent on this and I hope that we can work together again!!

—Kate Walker
Young Government Leaders

Thanks so much for coming down to 40Plus and giving us such a wonderful talk. I have never seen the group so engaged. It was just the right balance of information and interactive discussion. You were great, and we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.

—Kathy Shuman

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